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Puma Take Down

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Predator Longbows

Predator Longbows

Predator Longbows

Descendants Signature Longbow

Predator Longbows and Master Bowyer Robert Lutkenhaus is pleased to present the official longbow of Elusioncamo Descendants Outdoors with the Descendants Signature Series Traditional Longbow. This master crafted, hand-made, custom longbow is the pinnacle of traditional longbow making, featuring a design that eliminates stacking and delivers a fast, smooth shot. Available in a wide variety of exotic woods, get the traditional longbow featured on the television show "Descendants Outdoors."

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Puma Take Down

Sometimes space is at a premium and when you've packed for that perfect hunting trip, making sure all your gear fits is a priority. Not only that, but sometimes it helps to take a multi-tasker. Predator Longbows has taken those issues to heart and introduces their new Carbon Puma Take-Down Bow. Made with Predator Longbow's signature carbon layers, the new Carbon Puma Take Down uses a dual pin system for proper limb alignment, locking down with a single bolt per limb. Take a closer look at the new Puma Take Down.


Predator Longbow & Recurve Bows

The bow and arrow have been used on almost every continent, a superior device developed and crafted with human inventiveness to bring down game and protect oneself. Today, the bow has been remade once more, taking advantage of mankind’s knowledge of engineering and physics. Today’s bows are the culmination of a proud tradition, of an artist’s eye, and of primal forces harnessed by the ingenuity of man.

Predator Longbows Master Bowyer Robert Lutkenhaus has been a craftsman of longbows and recurve bows for years, presenting hunters and archery aficionados alike with superior weaponry. Explore the artistry and master craftsmanship of Robert Lutkenhaus, pick up one of his handcrafted custom longbows or recurve bows and become

… A Predator.

Cheetah Quad Carbon Longbow
Lynx Quad-Carbon Recurve