Frank's Leather Works provides a wide array of leather products including knife sheaths, quivers, arm guards, checkbook covers, iPhone and iPad cases, and belt pouches.


Archery Equipment

Arm Guards -

Frank's Leather Works offers a variety of custom made arm guards to suit your archery needs. Available in both adult and child sizes, these arm guards will provide excellent protection during your next practice, tournament, or hunt. Check out some examples of our fine Adult and child's customable arm guards, click here.

Arm Guards

Quiver, Belt Side -

Our belt on side quivers will hold your arrows securely. Each quiver is hand sewn and made of heavy leather. You have several pattern and color choices, check out our selections and pick your favorites! Conchos can be added for an additional $5.00. Check out some examples of our Beltside Quivers.

Belt Quiver

Quiver, Clip On Side -

This clip on side quiver will securely hold 6 arrows. It can be clipped on your belt, your pocket or just clip it on your waistband! This quiver is hand sewn. As with all our products you choose your patterns and color! You may also choose either medium or heavy leather. Check out some examples of our Clip On Side Quivers, click here!

Clip On Side Quiver

Quiver, Pocket -

This pocket quiver is hand sewn. You can choose medium or heavy leather. This quiver fits in the back pocket of your jeans and will securely hold 6 arrows. You choose the patterns and color. Check out some examples of our Pocket Quivers.

Pocket Quiver

String Keepers -

String keepers come in two styles. These will keep your string from riding down you bow when the bow is unstrung.

String Keepers

Stringers -

These stringers will work on longbows or recurves. Stringer colors come in white, yellow, green, and purple. If you desire another color stringer let us know. All stringers can have a 1 inch stamp on them. The stamp will be on the part of the stringer that goes on the top limb of the bow. The string ends can be done in any of our colors. The bright colors are easy to see if you drop your stringer.



Belts -

Belts have a repeating pattern as shown in the picture. Belts can be dyed any of the colors we have. Belts are 42” and 1 ½ inches wide. We will dye and punch the holes to your specifications.


Belt Buckles -

Show of your patriotic spirit with our American Eagle Belt Buckle or go for a matching leather look. Our belt buckles are the perfect match for a custom crafted leather belt! Check out our currently available buckles.

Belt Buckles

Belt Pouches -

We can make custom belt pouches for just about anything you want at your side. From folding knives to magazines, just give us the dimensions and we'll make sure that you're properly equipped to carry it!

Belt Pouch

Cell Phones Cases -

Cell Phones come in all shapes and sizes, but they all need to be protected from the elements. Give us a call and let us know your make and model, color choice, and custom decoration, and we'll make sure your smart phone can endure whatever you do!

Cell Phone Case

Checkbook Covers -

We provide a variety of custom made checkbook covers. Made with durable leather, these covers make the perfect gift. Check out our current selection of custom made checkbook covers to see some of our options!

Checkbook Covers
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Firearm Holsters -

Frank's Leather Works keeps standarized holsters in stock to fit medium to large frame semi-automatic handguns, but can make custom holsters to fit any weapon. Check out our current selection of custom made holsters.


Knives and Sheaths -

Frank's Leather Works can create custom sheaths for just about any knife imaginable. Check out our current selection of cutlery and custom sheaths.

Knives and Sheaths

Hanging Plaques -

Ready to memorialize your hunt? Need to list winners of a tournament? Try something a little different and get one of our custom made leather hanging plaques.


Key Fobs -

The key to happiness is knowing exactly where your keys are and finding them is a breeze with one of our stylish key fobs! Check out available styles and decoration options!

Key Fobs

Money/Credit Card Holders -

Keep your cards and money safe and add a touch of style to your dollar. Available in a variety of colors, these money clips discourage theft and at these prices, keep your balance low! Check out our selection of money/creditcard holders.

Money Clip

Picture Frames -

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Show of your latest trophy are sweetheart with this one of a kind, custom picture frame. Prices vary depending on the size of the frame.

Picture Frame
Pony Tail Holders
Picture Coming Soon!

Powder Pouch -

Made to put talcum powder in to get a better release of the string. You get the powder on your tab or glove by tapping on the black cloth.Check out some examples of our powder pouches.

Powder Pouch
Picture Coming Soon!

Water Bottle Holders -

Stay hydrated in style and keep that bottle on your side. Frank's Leather Works provides a large range of holders and can custom make your holster to fit the bottle of your choice. Check out our current selection of water bottle holsters to see a variety of colors and decorations!

Water Bottle Holder

Leather Lacing -

Lace or straps can be cut in various widths starting at 1/8 inches up to 3”.