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The Lynx Quad Carbon Recurve

Predator Longbows is pleased to announce the release of the Lynx Quad Carbon Recurve bow, a one of a kind weapon designed to withstand the rigors of Recurve hunting. With Master Bowyer Robert Lutkenhaus' trademark expertise, the Lynx Recurve uses Dymondwood and Robert's Carbon filiment in its construction, adding superior strength, durability, and stability. Click on the photo for more information about this stunning new hunting weapon.

Lynx Quad-Carbon Recurve Bow

The Black Cat Carbon Recurve - Base Price: $700*

Black Cat Carbon Recurve

Recurve Bows are a traditional bow shape designed for use in rough environments, like forest or heavy brush, or while mounted, when a longer bow type like the longbow would needlessly encumber the archer. Developed for rapid deployment, the recurve bow has tips that literally curve in the opposite direction of the archer’s body. This design allows the recurve bow to handle and translate more energy than an equivalently sized straight bow. Additionally, recurve archers enjoy dealing with a shorter length bow when desiring specific arrow energy. Recurve bows endure a greater amount of strain on the materials used to make the bow, thus necessitating a great deal of professional attention when being made. Robert Lutkenhaus "Black Cat Carbon Recurve" is the ultimate evolution of this weapon.

For centuries the recurve bow has been the weapon of choice for not only hunters, but armies. With a long and amazing history, across continents and cultures, the recurve bow has changed the world. due to its innovative and compact design, the recurve bow is able to translate more kinetic energy than an equivalent long or straight-limbed bow. That energy can be delivered more efficiently, providing speed to the arrow. But greater energy usually comes at a cost. Recurve bows historically have a larger voice print, alerting your target before the arrow arrives. Recurve bows send some of their stored energy back into the archer's hand. Lastly, Recurve bows place a greater strain on the materials, shortening the lifespan of the weapon itself.

Not any more.

Using A synthetic wood plastic composite called Dymondwood, as well as his "Triple Carbon Layers", Master Bowyer Robert Lutkenhaus has designed a recurve bow that delivers the power of the classic recurve bow, but with a smoother draw, greater cast, improved projectile trajectory, and decreased hand shock.

Black Cat Carbon Recurve

"Exceptionally quick, exceptionally smooth, no hand shock. Great bow!" says Todd Smith, one of Predator Longbows' long time customers after getting to try one out at a recent TBOT shoot.

Black Cat Carbon Recurve

Frank Porter went a bit further. "I was very impressed with this recurve. I picked it up at a shoot and shot recurve wood class. Took a 3rd place buckle with it. The bow is smooth, and it does not feel like you are pulling as much weight as you are. Very fast and quiet. No hand shock."

Black Cat Carbon Recurve

As with all other handmade custom recurve bows, you can select from a wide variety of dymondwoods to create a visually stunning weapon that is silent, swift, and deadly.. Pick up a new Black Cat Triple or Double Carbon Recurve Bow today and become...

A Predator

Black Cat Carbon Recurve Black Cat TCR
Black Cat TCR Black Cat TCR
Black Cat TCR Black Cat TCR
Black Cat TCR Black Cat TCR

*Additional carbon layers and special woods will not only increase the bow's performance, but the price. Sorry.

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